I took this shot when we were at the photo shoot for one of our clients. Tom was our photographer. I always feel I am hanging out with an old friend instead of working when I am at his studio. His attention to details always makes my job easier. Because of his tremendous patience, the work always turned out perfect. He is truly inspirational.

rainy weekend at Vinegar Hill House

One thing I am proud of being a Brooklynite is that we have the best brunch in the city. Always a plenty of choices, and you never have to wait frustratedly with a line of people for a table. To me, brunch is all about having a relaxing meal with friends and family. If there's stress involved, I'd rather be at home and eat my cereal. Vinegar Hill House is hidden in the middle of nowhere in Vinegar Hill. Although it was pouring rain, the restaurant was still full of people. Everything was really yummy, but I have to rave about their pancake. I don't normally say this, but it's out of this world!


Building on Bond

This is a nice cafe/bar hidden in Boerum Hill. I really enjoyed the openness and the decor of the space. You can tell the owner really appreciates the original features of the building. We sat there with just a cup of coffee for almost an hour before the kitchen opened for lunch. It was worth the wait. My breakfast sandwich was yummy, especially those herb fries.

Yummy East Village

Milkbar by momofuku, my latest surprising discovery of yummy sweets spot in East Village, has milkshake that made my eyes popped out after one sip. Cereal milk with chocolate donuts ice cream? Who would've thought of that? And chocolate chip cookie with cornflake? What a brilliant idea!


shh... no one is gonna know

breakfast at home

Spring is finally here

I've lived at the border of Dumbo and Brooklyn Height for more than 3 years, I still haven't figured out my way around the streets of Dumbo. Each time I walk in the neighborhood, I feel there's something new and unfamiliar. Like I just realized the flea market I wanted to go all winter is actually 10 minutes away from my apartment. And Choice Market is coming to Dumbo! That's another reason I want to live here forever.


Ryan Town at Earnest Sewn USA

About coming back from the amazing London trip, the best thing is that we got invited to attend the opening show of Ryan Town USA at Earnest Sewn by the wonderful Cynthia we met at Rob Ryan store in London. Walking into the show totally brought us back to the store of Ryan Town London. Can't wait to go back to Columbia Road again.

Easy life

Brunch with the girls