I took this shot when we were at the photo shoot for one of our clients. Tom was our photographer. I always feel I am hanging out with an old friend instead of working when I am at his studio. His attention to details always makes my job easier. Because of his tremendous patience, the work always turned out perfect. He is truly inspirational.

rainy weekend at Vinegar Hill House

One thing I am proud of being a Brooklynite is that we have the best brunch in the city. Always a plenty of choices, and you never have to wait frustratedly with a line of people for a table. To me, brunch is all about having a relaxing meal with friends and family. If there's stress involved, I'd rather be at home and eat my cereal. Vinegar Hill House is hidden in the middle of nowhere in Vinegar Hill. Although it was pouring rain, the restaurant was still full of people. Everything was really yummy, but I have to rave about their pancake. I don't normally say this, but it's out of this world!