London—Day 3

Started the day with the morning ritual to Monmouth Coffee Company. We learned how to order "flat white" and "filter white" after drinking too many cups of coffee there.

Visiting those touristy spots was not so fun for us. After competing with tons of people for the perfect photo spot, we decided to take pictures of people taking pictures.

Really interesting identity system at Southbank Center. It reminded me of the similar approach for Brooklyn Museum.

At Tate Modern, the giant spider rested on the ground floor of the museum. Last time I saw it was at Roppongi Hill Tokyo. It's really interesting to experience it in different cultures.

When I saw the post at My Funny Eye, I knew I had to be there to take that same shot of St. Paul if I ever made the trip to London. This one's for you, Famapa!

My favorite piece in the museum.

Really immature of us... giggled every time we heard the announcement at every stop.

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  1. hi rex, thanks for your comment! so fun to look through your london pictures, and thanks for the homage ;)

    which day did you go to columbia rd and broadway mkt? I always worry that if I go on a sunday it'll be insanely busy and I don't much fancy that... spitalfields mkt is only ever good on a thursday when they run the antiques market, I agree that the whole place has been ruined by chain restaurants, and I can see that my pictures were a bit misleading!

    have a great rest of the week!